Big Update Released for The Callisto Protocol

For the horror-themed Callisto Protocol published by Striking Distance Studios ,

A major update of 11 GB has been released .

Horror-themed survival action shooter The Callisto Protocol has added the New Game+ Mode and more to the game. Added Striking Distance Studios, new content that stands out for players who have finished the game, and more challenging modes to play.

The Callisto Protocol will tell us a new story with the upcoming update. The game, which has a single-player structure, will provide us with a more challenging survival horror experience.

This update has 11 GB size on PC.

New Game+ Mode

  • Players who have completed the game will have access to the New Game+ feature after this update. Additionally, all weapons and upgrades will be migrated to the New Game+ mode.

In-game improvements

  • Fixed a bug that prevented him from receiving the “The Protocol is About Life” achievement.
  • A general performance improvement has been made for all platforms.
  • Players will no longer take damage when jumping over objects.
  • Fixed subtitle sync problem.
  • Fixed camera angle glitches in certain locations.
  • Fixed crashing issue that occurred in some places.

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