Current Usage Rates of Android Versions Revealed

Although the Android operating system is the biggest competitor of the iOS operating system, there is a serious difference in update speed. The biggest reason for this is that Android is in the hands of Google and companies follow separate distribution policies. Both companies and Google are also working to make version upgrades faster.

The last table announced for the usage rates of Android versions also shows that the desired speeds have started to be reached in terms of version upgrades. Because when we look at the usage rates of Android 13 , we understand that it spreads faster than the old versions.

Usage Rates of Android Versions – January 2023

According to the data announced, the most used version is Android 11 at the moment. The overall usage rate for this version is 24.4% . Let us remind you that Android 11 was the leader in the lists announced 6 months ago. How long he will remain a leader is debatable.

The most used Android version after Android 11 appears to be Android 10 . Android 10 also has a usage rate of 19.5%.

When we continue without ranking, we see that Android 12 intervenes. Android 12 , one of the most recent versions, has achieved a usage rate of 18.9% . Of course, it should not be forgotten that there are transitions from Android 12 to 13.

When we come to the latest version, Android 13 , we see a 5.2% usage rate . This usage rate, which is achieved within 6 months, is successful. Because in the old versions, we could not see the 5% levels much in the same time period.

The new agreements between Google and brands seem to be starting to work. Of course the rates are still very low. Incomparable to the iOS ecosystem.

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