Date Announced for Modern Warfare 2 Hardcore Mode

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 achieved the desired success. It is known that the sales figures of the game are quite high. The moves for the game, which has been on sale since October, are not finished either. The next step to be taken by Infinity Ward will be the Modern Warfare 2 Hardcore mode .

In fact, Hardcore mode was expected for the game for a long time . However, the production announced a postponement decision for the new season of the game. Due to this postponement decision, the highly anticipated mode was also delayed. Fortunately, the latest statement shows that we will see the new mode very soon.

Social media sharing by Infinity Ward revealed the details. With the sharing, it has been officially confirmed that the Hardcore mode will come to the game.

It was also said that this mode will be available in the second season. So this means that Modern Warfare 2 Hardcore mode will be playable with the second season, which will be released on February 15, 2023 .

It is also more or less clear what will be offered with the new mode. We have experience from the past. This mode is the place to say that it will carry the game into a real simulation structure. With the mode in question, players have to struggle with more realistic effects in a more challenging environment.

In the mode where warnings and indicators are turned off, friendly fire is also turned on. In addition, there is a more realistic structure such as dying with a single bullet. In other words, as we said at the beginning, the game is transformed into a more realistic simulation.

If you ask if it is more fun, I can definitely say that a more exciting and fun game experience is offered. In this mode you have to be much more careful and make a better strategy.

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