Free Demo Released for Forspoken

Forspoken was definitely among the most anticipated games of this year. But after the game was released, it was officially criticized.

Already Forspoken stood out for demanding ambitious values ​​in terms of system requirements. However, after the game was released, complaints began to come that there were optimization problems despite the high system requirements.

Naturally, there was a prejudice for the game, which could not get what it wanted from the review scores. There is a new opportunity for players who find it difficult to give an idea about the game. A demo version of the game has also been released.

Forspoken Surprises With Its Demo Size

The demo version is also available for those who want to try the game before purchasing it. It is possible to download the demo version for free from both Steam and Epic Games and try the game.

The demo version is free, but let’s also mention that there is a size of 43 GB . We already know that the size of the game is high. In the system requirements, it is stated that you should have 150 GB of free space.

However, the fact that the demo version is 43 GB is not something we expect. A detailed demo has probably been prepared so that players can see the details and have a good idea about the game.

Of course, the main issue from the demo is when to fix the optimization problems. Updates that will probably make the build more stable will be released soon. We will see over time if the opinion of the game changes after the updates.

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