Is Escape from Tarkov Released on Steam? A Strange Fraud Story

Not a day passes without a new fraudulent news in the virtual world. Every time we say they don’t do that much anymore, but each time we are a little more surprised. The last example was a fraud event on Steam. So much so that this time, the fraudsters released the game Escape from Tarkov , which is not on Steam, on Steam.

Those who do not know the subject must have had a short surprise. Because Steam is one of the biggest platforms in the world. You might say, how come it comes to the fore with such a scam? Let’s see what happened.

How Escape from Tarkov Released on Steam

First, let’s explain this. Escape from Tarkov is a tactical FPS game developed by Battlestate Games . The game does not have a Steam page. You have to buy the game from the publisher’s own page and start the game with the publisher’s launcher.

So officially the game does not have any Steam page. The scammers have already taken full advantage of this.

Is Escape from Tarkov Released on Steam? A Strange Fraud Story

They Changed Another Game

Along with the reviews on Steam data, it is also seen how the game was added to the Steam platform. The scammers have arranged for a different game that is on the air.

With this arrangement, images, videos and even descriptions of the Escape from Tarkov game have been added. In other words, another game has been changed and made into an Escape from Tarkov game.

Afterwards, the naming for the game was also played with and as a result, it was given an air as if the production was actually published on Steam. Imagine that they edited it down to the company name and system requirements.

At the last stage, fraudsters start sales with this fake game page they have prepared. Sales start much lower than the price of the game. Of course, it doesn’t take long to understand the situation.

Is Escape from Tarkov Released on Steam? A Strange Fraud Story

Fake Game Page Deleted in a Short Time

With the understanding of the situation, we saw that the fake page of the game was deleted in a very short time. Of course, it is not known how many purchases were made during this period.

More importantly, Steam is incapable of preventing this situation. Ok, the page was removed in a very short time, but even the publication of the page was a situation that could make many players suffer.

Normally, Steam makes very strict controls to avoid similar situations. But it seems that there are things that have been overlooked about changing a different game to make it a fake page. It should be noted that there is no additional explanation on the subject from the Steam front.

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