NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 528.24 Released! What’s new

NVIDIA has released a new driver for graphics cards that continue to support updates. GeForce Game Ready version 528.24 both fixes some bugs and offers some optimizations for new games.

Let’s talk about which games have been optimized and which problems have been fixed.

Changes to NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 528.24

Game Optimizations

  • Optimized for DLSS 3 supported Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Hitman 3 and Deliver Us Mars games.
  • Optimizations have been made for Dead Space Remake and Forspoken games.

Edited Issues

  • Fixed an issue for Autodesk Alias ​​that caused transparent windows to appear opaque.
  • Fixed a black image issue with ProRes RAW files during preview in Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Fixed instability issues for Adobe Premiere Pro, Lightroom, and Photoshop.
  • In OctaneBench 2020 version, the instability problem due to render engine failure has been eliminated.

These are the optimizations and fixed issues with Game Ready version 528.24 . If you have an NVIDIA graphics card with ongoing update support, you can install the new version immediately.

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