iPhone 15 Pro May Come With Wi-Fi 6E Support!

As you know, we have entered the year 2023 and Apple, one of the software and technology giants based in the United States, will be announcing its new generation smartphone models in September at the end of this year. Although we have a long time to September; Leaks about the iPhone 15 models under development have already begun to surface.

According to the statements made by the leak source “Unknown21”, an Apple Document shows that the iPhone 15 Pro models will have Wi-Fi 6E connection technology . A number of previous leaks suggested that the new generation iPhone 15 models will adopt the Wi-Fi 6E standard introduced in today’s iPad Pro and MacBook Pro models, but it seems that the company will limit this technology to the Pro models.

Pro and Pro Max models will come with Wi-Fi 6E technology, while standard models will come with Wi-Fi 6 technology.

The document, taken from the source of the leak, contains the antenna architecture diagrams of the iPhone 15 models and refers to the Pro models in the D8x series in the document. Based on current speculations and information, Wi-Fi 6E technology will be supported only by Pro and Pro Max models in the iPhone 15 series, while iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models will support standard Wi-Fi 6 technology.


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