What is LOD (Lift-off Distance) in Mouse?

I would like to touch on a subject that many people do not know or are not familiar with even though they know.

What is the LOD setting on the mouse? What’s the use.

LOD is short for Lift Off Distance. Briefly, it is the name given to the maximum height that the mouse continues to work while in the air. Now, with the new sensors today, this feature can be customized. For example, with the newly released PAW3395 sensor, most brands allow us to customize this feature. The LOD can be customized via software or by pressing buttons on the device, this varies from brand to brand.

Does LOD (Lift-off Distance) matter?

Yes, it is important. Incorrect LOD (Lift-off Distance) setting can cause the crosshair to flicker. The mouse may not move when you want to make a wide turn. Even if you lift the mouse, your crosshair may move, so the LOD  setting is very important.

Generally , the standard value of LOD in gaming mice varies between 1.2mm or 2.4mm .

Low LOD:

  • LOD value is measured with DVD or CD. If it is not reading at 1 DVD thickness, your LOD value is quite low, we can say about 1.2mm.

Orta LOD:

  • If it is not reading 2 DVDs thick, we can say that your LOD value is medium, ie 2.4mm.

High LOD:

  • If it reads even 2 DVDs thick, the LOD value of that mouse is very high. This is definitely not recommended for professional gamers and competitive games.

Ideal LOD values ​​are recommended to be between 1.2mm or 2.4mm . You can learn the LOD value of your own hardware by watching the video below.

Finally, I would like to add that the LOD value may vary from mousepad to mousepad. You can get different results with hybrid mousepad, fabric mousepad and glass mousepad. So it’s nice that companies allow this setting to be customized nowadays.

As an editor’s recommendation, if you have a large and large mousepad, I would suggest low LOD level. Note that this setting is definitely a feature that varies from person to person. You can find the LOD value that suits you by testing it yourself.

Have a nice day everyone 🙂


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